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Bouncing Letters






Bouncing Letters

Destroy the balls by forming 3-5 character words. This is done by aiming and shooting the right letters.

About Bouncing Letters

Does Bouncing Letters look a bit familiar to you? That's because the game is not only a challenging word game. It's also a fun, fast-paced variation on an arcade classic. You might not think that these things could be brought together to make such a fun game, but Bouncing Letters does exactly that. Blast the letters, create words, and rack up a high score that can be posted online for the entire world to see.

The rules of Bouncing Letters are simple. Given a single letter, your objective is to use your mouse to aim the letter, find a point on the other side of the screen where you can either create a word, or where you can hope to be able to create a word letter, and then fire. The challenge is to use your mouse to fire and create 3 or 5 word letters. That's how you're going to pick up those points, and once you've cleared the number of words required in your current level, you'll be able to advance forward to the next stage. Anyone who has played this type of game before knows how addictive it can be. Don't be surprised if you find yourself testing your ability to create as many words as possible.

The element of strategy in Bouncing Letters is important. Study the angles carefully, and look for any opportunity to knock out a word, or even score those incredibly important combo shots. It's not just about being able to create words. You're not going to get very far at all if you don't learn to plan your shots very carefully, aim, and then fire. The more thought you put into your shots, the better your score is going to be. It's just that simple. Bouncing Blocks is truly a challenge on every level.

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