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Word Search

Use the hints below the game to find meaningful words in the grid of letters.
You have 5 words to find according to the hints and the faster you go - the higher your score will be.

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About Word Search

The rules are simple. Search through the jumble of letters to find words, and then use your mouse to highlight them. Finding words will up your score, and give you a chance to have your name amongst the best players out there. Incorrectly guessing a possible word in the jumble will knock your score down. The last thing you want to do is wind up with a negative score!

Just remember that the game Word Search functions like any other word search challenge. Words can be found right to left, bottom to top, lower right to upper left, and all the other combinations you might expect from only the toughest word searches out there.

Word searches have been proven time and time again to be one of the best ways out there for giving our brain a nice workout. We know physical exercise is good for our bodies, but we sometimes forget that mental exercise is good for our minds. You can do a number of different things to help you with this, but few would argue that you're going to find a better way stretch those thinking muscles than a word search challenge.

Try one of the many puzzles available on Word Search for yourself, and enjoy this addictive, classic game of deduction. Try to beat your best time!

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