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Hangaroo - The Kangaroo Hangman

Hangaroo has everything you love about Hangman, but with hilarious kangaroos instead.

About Hangaroo

Are you a big fan of the classic guessing game Hangman, but you'd like something different from the same old Hangman game? Hangaroo gives you all the classic gameplay you've come to expect from this word guessing game, but with a few small changes, and some hilarious animation.

If you're familiar with Hangman, then you'll be right at home with Hangaroo. Thousands of words are available in this game, so you're almost certainly never going to play the same round of Hangaroo twice. Correct guesses bring you closer and closer to discovering the correct answer. Four wrong guesses, and the noose around your poor kangaroo's neck tightens. The difficulty of this game varies wildly from round to round. Some of the answers are going to leap right out at you in seconds. Some of them are going to have you scratching your head, and maybe even scrambling for the nearest dictionary. Don't take for granted the idea that just because this game supplies you with hints that it's going to be easy. This can easily become one of the most difficult variations on Hangman that you've ever played.

The life of your cuddly kangaroo is in your hands with Hangaroo. Correct guesses bring cheers, incorrect guesses will get you jeers, and four incorrect guesses spells the end of the game. If you want to play a challenging, exciting game of Hangman, one in which you really don't know which word you might get, and you also want to save a kangaroo from the hangman, then this is the game for you. Win ten games in a row, and you'll save the kangaroo's life. Playing Hangman has never been so challenging or fun. Try out Hangaroo for yourself, and you'll see exactly why this is one of the most exciting Hangman alternatives available.

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