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Extreme Hangman

Think you know Hangman? Think again. You haven’t played Hangman until you’ve played Extreme Hangman.

How Extreme can Hangman be

We all know how Hangman is played, right? The life of your stickman is in your hands, as you try to figure out which letters will eventually spell out the word or phrase you've been given. You know the vowels, "a, e, i, o, u" represent the most commonly used words in the English language. You know that guessing correctly will save your stickman's life, and you know that guessing incorrectly too many times will tighten the noose around your stickman for good, bringing the game to an end. Extreme Hangman has all of those exciting Hangman gameplay components, but it throws in a twist that seriously ups the ante.

Extreme Hangman combines humor and fast-paced gameplay to give you one of the most challenging Hangman games of all time. You'll get a kick out of the humorous animations that place your stickman in different perilous situations, but don't get too caught up in laughing. You don't get a set number of guesses with Extreme Hangman. What you do get is a red bar that's slowly but surely running out. Right guesses just mean you get to keep playing. Guess incorrectly, and the timer runs out even more quickly. And when the timer bar has run out, that's the end of the game. You're dead, but at least you'll get a cute and funny animation to enjoy.

Extreme Hangman is not a game for Hangman novices. This is not only a challenging version of the classic, but it's also an exciting race against time.

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