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Word Grid






Word Grid

Form as many words of 3 to 8 letters within the time limit.
Click on the first letter of the word you find, then you can only choose adjacent letters to continue.
Submit the word by clicking the last letter of the word again.

About Word Grid

Word Grid is going to provide you with a challenge unlike any other word finding game you've ever played before. Do you pride yourself on being able to think creatively? Do you think you have what it takes to look at a jumble of letters, and create as many words as possible from that jumble? If the answer to these questions is yes, then Word Grid is the game for you. You're going to find out very quickly that finding every possible word in that jumble is definitely easier said than done.

This is a great way to test your brain power. The rules of the game are deceptively simple. With appealing graphics and sharp sounds, your objective is to search through the assortment of letters you're given, and create words using 3 to 8 letters per try. Keep in mind that you can only use letters that are adjacent to the first letter you clicked on. When you think you've come up with a word, simply click on the last letter. If you're correct, the word will be added to your list. A right answer will help you boost your score, and the better your score is, the better your chances of being able to put your name in the top ten. You're also free to share your scores with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites.

Having a hard time with Word Grid? You can make things a little easier on yourself by keeping in mind that by spelling a word with 5 or more letters, your word list will be sorted alphabetically. Spaces will then appear to suggest the number of letters that exist in the remaining words.

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