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Hangman - Classic Version

This is the classic Hangman you can either play by yourself or with a friend.

About Hangman

This classic version Hangman is everything you love about Hangman, and you have several options to play the game exactly as you want to. Easy mode gives you all of the vowels, and you get 12 opportunities to save your stickman falling into the shark-infested waters. Normal mode still gives you 12 tries, but you won't get any of the vowels to help you out. Anyone looking for a serious Hangman challenge can test themselves on hard mode. No vowels to help you out, and you only get six tires before you're shark food. No matter what you're looking for, you can find exactly what you're looking for in a game of Hangman. The correct word can be any one of the 350 words available, and you can play along to night or day backgrounds.

Roulette mode offers a unique variation on Hangman. Your stickman has two guns, and one of them is loaded with a single bullet. You won't know which gun is loaded until it is too late. Find the right letters to make the word, and you'll be safe. Make one mistake, two mistakes, who knows how many chances you'll get, and one of the two guns will go off. This is a great way to enjoy Hangman, if you're someone who wants a certain degree of uncertainty in their game.

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