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Clueless Crossword

We’ve all tried crossword puzzles at one time or another, but you’ve never tried a crossword puzzle game that presents as unique a challenge as Clueless Crossword does. Read the instructions below:

About Clueless Crossword

Clueless Crossword is unique in a number of ways. You don't get any clues, and some of the words are already filled in. The game begins when you point at an empty square on the board. All the squares on the board that have the same letter will be highlighted. Choose from the letters available to you, but be warned that the letter will appear in the highlighted squares whether you're right or wrong. Don't worry. You have the ability to change a letter later on if you want to. Simply click on a block, and then click on the new letter of your choice. Remember that the red X at the bottom right of your screen is there to let you void a block you no longer want to guess.

This is one of the most difficult word games you're going to find anywhere, so don't be afraid to use the hint option that's available to you. Doing so will use up some of your letters, and give you a better idea of which ones will work from the ones you have left. This is a tough game, but it's worth it when you start racking up those points.

Clueless Crossword is definitely going to push your mental facilities to their limits. Think you're an expert at crossword puzzles? You might be, but you haven't truly experienced a crossword challenge until you've tried Clueless Crossword. You'll find out pretty quickly where the "clueless" part comes from!

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