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Hangman with High Scores

This is our special version of Hangman where you can compete with other online players.
You have 10 words to guess and a high-score to beat. Can you get to the hall of fame?

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 Bibi10 (0:00 minutes)2024-07-02 03:32:56
 anthonee6 (0:00 minutes)2024-07-20 01:36:30

About High Scores Hangman

There are several challenging variations to the classic Hangman formula out there, and one of the best ones to try is High-Scores Hangman. Give yourself the opportunity to try out this exciting spin on the game, in which you only get a certain number of guesses to correctly deduce the mystery word.

This game has a lot of the same rules as Hangman. One of the differences is that it gives you several words instead of just the one. The object of High-Scores Hangman is to correctly guess ten words, pick up the best high score possible, and earn yourself a place in the top ten. Can you do it?

It won't be easy. Some of the words are definitely going to test your mettle as a Hangman player. Your score can go up or down depending on whether or not you correctly guess a letter for the given word. You're not going to get into the top ten if you keep guessing incorrectly, so make sure you guess carefully. Remember that "e" is the most commonly used letter in the English language, and that the vowels "a, i, o, u" are also common letters in the English language. Keep this in mind, and remember that you only have but so many guesses per word. Your "hangman" consists of a series of colored blocks. Each incorrect guess deducts from your score (or adds negative points to it, if your score is zero), and eliminates one of the blocks at the same time. When you run out of blocks, you run out of chances to correctly guess that particular word.

High-Scores Hangman is a great challenge for anyone who wants to play a marathon round of Hangman. Give it your best shot, and grab yourself a place in the top ten best players.

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